b'OUR SOLUTIONSHEALTHY LIFESTYLESGirls Health in Girls HandsGirls Health in Girls Hands is a program providing girls, ages 11-18, with leadership opportunities to refine skills rooted in resilience, compassion, and the ability to live life as their authentic selves. The program aims to empower, support, and invest in girls as advocates of their own healthand wellness needs.Girls areencouraged to create healthier climates in their schools and communities. In 2019, 705 girls participated in health, leadership, and research/advocacy programs through GHGH programmingat 9 high schools in 8 cities.COMMUNITYCOUNSELINGGirls Health in Girls Hands (GHGH) focused their advocacy efforts in 2019 on spreading awarenessIn 2019, Harmony At Home offered 8 hours of community counseling per week at the Salinas about anti-hate speech. The girls spoke inClubhouse and 10 hours at the Seaside Clubouse to provide individual and small group groups across Monterey County about the harmcounseling for children and teens. that can come from spreading hate speech and how impactful it can be for our youth. The girlsThe partnership between Boys & Girls Clubs and Harmony At Home ensure that families, continued to spread positive speech at the 2019adolescents, chilren and individuals have the opportunity to learn to function in healthy ways. Womens March Monterey Bay.Of the 35 youth served, 14 of whom were teens, results showed:While marching with thousands of inspiring1 Increased participants ability - Elizabeth A., Memberwomen and men at the Womens March, one lead organizer noticed how dedicated one of our GHGHto recognize their emotions and girls was to keeping the chants alive and thriving.express them in healthy ways.The organizer decided that our Elizabeth wasMy participation at the Club has doing such an impressive job, that she happilygave the megaphone she was holding to ElizabethIncreased participants abilityshaped me into a leader for my to utilize positive coping skills to lead the chants! The rest of the GHGH team2 to manage difficult feelings andcommunity and helped me through my ecstatically rallied behind Elizabeth as they heldsituations. insecurities and personal struggle. their posters high and marched through MontereyBeing at the Club was life changing.with Elizabeths voice echoing throughout the city.Increased participants Leadership comes in many forms! It only takes oneawareness of situations and small act of kindness to help another future leader emerge. We help each other rise to our greatest3 people that trigger difficult potential by lifting each other up along the way! emotions and their own response to those triggers.10 11'