b'OUR SOLUTIONS HIGHLIGHTGOOD CHARACTER & CITIZENSHIP GANG PREVENTION SUMMITThe Good Character & Citizenship initiative develops strong, smart leaders to be engaged citizens involved in the community, registered to vote and modeling good character. ProvidingThe Clubs Gang Prevention Summit focuses on our youth with caring youth development professionals is an essential part of how we help ourthe crossroads that many of our youth face youth succeed. Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County works to foster young peoples goodthe place in their lives where they are forced character, their ability to make positive life choices and serve others. to choose a path that can greatly impact theirfuture. Youth and families are invited to attend the annual event, which features educationalThis year the event felt very activities and panelists who speak about howintentional and targeted.they navigated through these challenges. - Julianne Leavy, Executive Of the 173 attendees, 81% of post survey youth state they need to make changes in theirDirector Harmony at Homelives to achieve their goals and be successful and 97% of post survey adults believed they were better able to support a youth at risk of joining a gang.Torch Club Members volunteered their time cooking and selling food at a concession stand during the U.S. Open in June 2019.TORCH CLUB &KEYSTONE CLUB Torch Club & Keystone Club are the two main leadership groups within Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County. Torch Club offers boys and girls, ages 11-13, with opportunities to provide service to the Club and the community. Keystone Club offers young men and women, ages 14-18, opportunities to develop leadership experience academic success, career exploration, and community service3,162 community service hours were completed by 95 Members through leadership club opportunities.We learned how to cookreally good burgers and that was really cool. 12 13'