b'OUR SOLUTIONS OUR SOLUTIONSACADEMIC SUCCESS HEALTHY LIFESTYLESIt is our goal that every child we serve achieves on-time grade progression, graduates fromChildren cannot focus on their education if they are high school, completes post secondary education or training, and earns a livable wage as ahungry, unhealthy, or unsafe. This is why our Clubs productive member of our community. The Academic Success initiative ensures on-time gradeare critical to providing a safe place after school and progression and develops skills through homework assistance, academic intervention support,during summer, that serves nutritious meals complete targeted programs and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) integration. with fresh local produce. We also address the physical, STEAM social, and emotional wellness of our youth with programs that include sports leagues, gardening, and In Fall 2019, 128 youth completed a STEAM integrationfamily counseling. Special events such as our annual program. BGCMC staff observed our members positivelyGang Prevention Summit, Johnson-Toney Football expressing themselves and interacting with their peers.Camp, and Gil Basketball Academy partnership help Participants were also able to delve deeper into eachour kids make positive choices and develop real-life subject through related science experiments in theskills.science center and art discussions in the learning center.JOHNSON-TONEY FOOTBALL Art enthusiast, Lexxy E. (3rd Grade), discovered, through our STEAM Program, that people can excel and beCAMPpassionate about more than one subject. Lexxycompleted a final project in all centers, highlighted by creating an ideal city. With three fellowOver 440 kids and teens participated in the Johnson-3rd graders, Lexxy learned civil engineering principles including building codes, investigating soil,Toney Football Camp in Summer 2019 where they and structures necessary for residents.learned the fundamentals of football, team building, Through her model city, she incorporated scale and design to create municipal buildings, publicresilience and the importance of daily physical activity.safety and retail offerings. Lexxy had great attention to detail by creating the design, working with a team to build and making adjustments to their creation. All these drills we do are the same drills LITERACY you do in high school and college. What this camp taught me was how to compete andJulian has been coming into Read Naturally (RN) with ahow to have fun while competing.positive attitude and always willing to work hard. Through-Covossay Windam, Camp Attendeethe program he has been determined to do his best and remains focused on the story he is reading. Julian remains positive even if he has had a rough day at school, heNUTRITIONdoesnt let that determine how he does in RN. Overall, he has improved his reading from 64 word count per minuteOver 100,000 healthy meals and snacks were to 110. We are so proud of Julian for graduating theprovided to Club Members. program and reading at grade level!Keven has been making great strides to advance in his reading. Keven demonstrated that he was ready to workand was always extremely motivated to pass stories.This is the best dinner I have ever had, it Since August, Keven has completed 18 stories andwas so delicious. Thank you so much forimproved his quiz score percentage from 43% to 71%.providing this for us.Keven has demonstrated tremendous improvement-Crescencio L., Parentand willingness to participate. Due to his hard work and dedication, Keven was able to move up a level as well as increase his benchmark score from 40 word count per minute to 59.8 9'