b'2019 SUMMER ACADEMY SUMMER ENRICHMENTThe absence of school can create a possibility for youth to forgetWHENTo enrich Members throughout the Summer months, we what they learned throughout the school year, often referredSCHOOLoffered 40 field trip opportunities in addition to our summer to as the Summer Slide. At Boys & Girls Clubs of Montereyprograms and activities. County, we provide opportunities for kids and teens to continueIS OUT 20 Teen Members spent 3 days and 2 nights at Glen Deven to learn and grow, even while school is out.THERanch in Big Sur. Teens enjoyed open green spaces and a In Summer 2019, 1,434 youth participated in summer programs CLUBSserenely beautiful environment. and activities.Throughout Summer, our Members participated in STEAMARE IN(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) focusedprograms designed to introduce the engineering and design process through age appropriate, hands on projects.When we arrived [to camp grounds in Big Sur] the staff had us put our phones away, which I couldnt believe! After an hour I didnt even miss the technology. We stayed in amazing tents and had pool time each day. Being outside and spending time with SUMMER INTERVENTION my friends in nature was a lot of fun. Research indicates that 2 months of reading skills and 2.5We hiked to a view point overlooking months of math skills are lost over a single summer*. ToBig Sur . and I was able to walk and prevent the Summer Slide, youth need ongoing opportunities towatch the sunset. I got to soak up learn and practice essential skills. where we were at . Once it got darkThe Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County provides two statewe laid on our backs on the grass of the art intervention programs in literacy and math; Read Liveand looked through a telescope at and DreamBox.the moon.Overall it was an amazing experience! It was the vacation that I Read Live is an online reading program that accelerates readingneeded in the summer!achievement by combining the research proven strategies of-Jose R. Age 15repeated reading and progress monitoring. Members work at their own pace while staff provide guidance through the steps.DreamBox supports Members struggling in math by providing an online curriculum that is tailor-made based on their individual assessment.A total of 94 youth received math and literacy intervention to prepare them for the upcoming school year. 57 youth participated in Read Live and 100% of participants readingimproved, averaging an increase of 20.0 words per minute.37 youth participated in Dreambox, logging a total of 8,371 minutes and completing 802 lessons within the program.1415'