b'OUR IMPACT4,833 83,808 HOURSYOUTH SERVED OF HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE PROVIDED TO MEMBERS100,619 OVER 8,000 HOURSKIDS & TEENS HEALTHY MEALSOF LITERACY INTERVENTION WHO NEED US MOST SERVED SUPPORT FOR 134 MEMBERSAll kids have the right to safe, positive, and inclusive environments where they can reach their full potential. We believe that children should have equal access to opportunities and experiences that give them every opportunity in life.In Monterey County, 22% percent of children under the age of 17 live in poverty 1 .When factoring cost of living, a family of four needs the equivalent of 3 to more than 4 full-time minimum wage jobs just to meet basic needs 2 . 34% of the population cannot afford enough food and a single woman with children, living in Salinas, spends 37% of her income on food alone 3 . Over 52,000 children in Monterey County received school meals in 2014, but 87% did not have that safety net service over the summer putting them at higher risk of experiencing hunger for three months 4 .At Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County, we close the growing achievement gap, provide a safe space, with caring mentors, and life enhancing programs so our kids can thrive. With more than 200 trained staff and volunteers annually, we strive to provide caring guidance and support to Monterey County youth to help them grow into confident, capable adults. Someone to look up to. Someone to emulate. Someone to run to with victories big and small. For kids who lack a positive role model, we fill a gaping need. Our staff is here to listen, to advise, to care. As they do those things, they shine a light on a new path, a brighter future for the kids that need them most.1 Census2 United Way3 Monterey County Health Dept.6 4 Monterey County Community Action Partnership 7'